The Far East Pyramid Story

In the word pyramid, pyra means fire, the Universal Life Energy or cosmic energy, and mid refers to middle. It is believed that tremendous cosmic energy is concentrated in the centre of a pyramid. Like the ancient architectural wonders, Far East Pyramid harnesses its creative and inventive energy and channel it into making products that will make a significant difference in the way people in the world live and work. The focus is on making intelligent or smart electric and electronic devices that will make 21st century lifestyle and workstyle healthier and safer.

It was with this aim in mind that the company’s founder, Managing Director Lau Teik Hock, who has over 17 years’ experience specializing in procurement of components for manufacturing of audio and DVD products, galvanized a few friends who share his passion in working on products that will make a winning difference on a global scale. The company’s Research and Development department comprises team members with expertise in developing audio products, surge protectors, and production processes and manufacturing methods.

Leveraging on each other’s expertise and experience, it is their passion, dedication, vision and single-mindedness to change the world for the better that has enabled the company to produce two industry award winners within the first two years of its operation. A case in point is the PowerLink Computer Radiation Reducer which is the culmination of several years of painstaking research and development involving huge investments. The team initially collaborated with two foreign companies and came up with a product that could reduce only low frequency computer radiation. However, computers produce harmful low, intermediate and high frequency radiation. Not satisfied with what they had achieved, they struck out on their own and persevered with their dream of developing a product that would eliminate almost all three radiation frequencies. PowerLink Computer Radiation Reducer is their noble contribution to the world.

Far East Pyramid is not one to rest on their laurels. Multiple award-winner PowerLink Modulinks Sockets has already set the industry standard for its functionality and versatility. Not only can you easily extend and relocate the sockets, you can also add accessory sockets such as a USB charger and a surge protector. The design team continues to add new functionalities by working on additional accessory sockets that will bring health and safety benefits to home-users, office workers, and highly mobile people who are always on the go.

Thus the focus is on producing green technology that protects the health and safety of consumers as well as the environment. Two other products that underline this focus are the Intelligent Energy Saver and the Air Conditioner Energy Saver.

Inspired by the symbolic significance of the pyramid, the different arms of the company are synergized to realize its mission which is “to be the leading innovator and marketer of safe and smart electric and electronic devices that will make the home and workplace safe, healthy and environmentally friendly”. To this end, the departments of administration, business development and R & D, backed by its energetic marketing department with vast experience in the IT industry are poised to take the company to greater heights.

We are proud to have been recognized many times for our accomplishments.