We are proud to have been recognized many times for our accomplishments.

The Far East Pyramid Story

Powerlink is an electronics R&D company has designed a series of innovative products that protect the health of users and helps reduce plastic waste. Already operating in Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan it plans to expand its reach to Europe, America and Japan to take its unique products for their discerning consumers.

Since POWERLINK foundation in 2008, the idea behind the company has always been to make the life of electronics consumers easier and healthier. We discovered very soon that the young generation, specially in Asia, are avid users of electronic devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, even at a very young age. So we set out to find a solution to the excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation for both young and adult users in Malaysia and in other Asian countries.
We spent the first six years developing the technology behind these products and testing them, until only four years ago we finally started production for the market, so we are still quite new and have a great potential to grow in front of us.
We also produce and sell a line multifunctional sockets called Modulinks socket, that are designed to be able to replace any damaged unit without replacing the whole rack, so if there is an electronic shock the waste produced will be much smaller than otherwise, so the ecological impact is greatly reduced.Currently, our Modulink Socket is installed at Petron oil stations and Pan Malaysia (DA MA CAI) throughout Malaysia.

Powerlink founder, Managing Director Lau Teik Hock had been working for Panasonic before he founded this company. Mr. Lau Teik Hock had a first-hand experience on how the youngsters and children in Asia are more exposed, for cultural reasons, than Europeans or Americans.
For instance, Taiwan now has the largest radiation of exposure of any country in Asia, as WiFi service is pervasive and most people carry two mobile phones, one for personal use and another for business.
It has been scientifically proven that electromagnetic radiation slows blood circulation. So we can realized that, everyone spend most hours of the day subject to harmful levels of electromagnetic radiation form computers, WiFi and mobile phones.

Powerlink product SAVLINK & LCARE lines were designed to reduce up to 95% of the electromagnetic radiation emitting from most electronic devices, including mobile phones, computers and WiFi routers. We have found that hospital in Malaysia and Singapore have been very receptive to this kind of technology, as it can improve micro-blood circulation in patients and all type of centers where different health-care treatments are provided, as proven by the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) already obtained.

We have also already started exporting to several Taiwanese medical centers recently. But we believe that there needs to be an information campaign for the private users to take up this kind of products, that is why we have started with the hospital and health-care markets in nearby Asian countries.

We would like to expand our current reach beyond our markets of Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan and have our products reach Europe, North America and Japan soon. We are optimistic that our products can make life easy and healthy for our customers and we are ready to expand worldwide to prove it.