What is electromagnetic radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation is a self-sustaining energy with a component of electric and magnetic fields. The phenomenon that electromagnetic waves are emitted or leaked into the air is called electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation is an invisible and intangible field. The earth in which human beings live is itself a large magnetic field, and its surface heat radiation and lightning can generate electromagnetic radiation, and the sun and other planets also continuously generate electromagnetic radiation from outer space. Natural magnetic fields, sunlight, household appliances, etc. around the human body emit radiation of different intensities. Electromagnetic radiation is an external manifestation of the atoms and molecules in the material being in motion.

How is radiation formed?

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is in the form of self-propagating waves in a vacuum or in a substance. Electromagnetic radiation has an electric field and magnetic field component that oscillates energy in two mutually perpendicular directions. Electromagnetic radiation is divided into different types depending on frequency or wavelength. These types include (in order to increase frequency): power, radio waves, microwaves, terahertz radiation, infrared radiation, visible light, ultraviolet light, X-rays and gamma rays. Among them, the wavelength of the radio wave is the longest and the wavelength of the gamma ray is the shortest. X-ray and gamma ray ionization is very strong, other electromagnetic radiation ionization ability is relatively weak, and lower frequency has no ionization ability.


What effect does radiation have on the human body?

Electromagnetic radiation is easy to cause childhood leukemia, breast cancer, brain cell damage, DNA damage, heart disease, chest pain, nervous system disorders, malformed fetus, miscarriage, cataract, dementia, easy to feel tired, headache, nausea and many more.

What effect does electromagnetic radiation have on the fetus?

Women who are exposed to electromagnetic waves during pregnancy will directly harm the fetus. Embryonic and fetal tissues and organs are in highly differentiated cells and are more sensitive to radiation than adults. Radiation sensitivity is also different at different stages of development. Radiation sensitivity is highest before 6 weeks of gestational age, and small doses of radiation may cause fetal malformations.

Is the Detector used for testing together with Powerlink’s product link?

No. Two products are made by different manufacturers, and the detector is just a tool we use to detect where there is radiation.

After the eliminator is turned on, is there no radiation at all, can you enjoy playing mobile phones, iPads, etc.?

I don’t encourage, although the product can eliminate 95% of the radiation, but 5% of the unknown radiation is beyond the coverage of the product, it is even less recommended to put the electronic products next to the human body while sleeping.

Will there be any discomfort to the human body after using the product?

Depending on the person, if you are in contact with a computer for a long time, the hair dryer or live near a high voltage / telecommunication tower. When you first come into contact with the product, you may feel paralyzed, headache or uncomfortable. This is because the product is eliminate radiating and the body needs a little time to adjust.

How does SAVLINK reduce electromagnetic radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation is carried out by certain frequencies, and SAVLINK alleviator eliminates the frequencies at which electronic products are likely to emit electromagnetic radiation, reducing electromagnetic radiation to a safety level.

Does the product require maintenance?

Not required, our products have a one-year warranty service.

How long is the product’s hedging period?

If the product is open 24 hours a day, it is not affected by external factors (static, man-made damage, strike by lightning, etc.). The life of the product is about 4 years. After 4 years, the function of the product is likely to be reduced from 8 meters to 6 meters or even 5 meters.

Does the product consume power?

No, the power used by the product is only 1.6w.

Can the eliminator eliminate the radiation from the tower?

It is possible to eliminate radiation below 1 GHz. The electromagnetic radiation of the high-voltage tower and the telecommunication tower is too strong. If living nearby, it is recommended to move.

If the radiation emitted by a microwave oven is 2 GHz and the eliminator is helping to eliminate 95%, is it equal to 1 GHz of radiation in the environment?

Yes, the product has eliminated radiation below 1 GHz that can directly harm the human body.

Why does the Detector still ring from time to time after the product is opened?

Because there are many types of radiation, there may be more than 10 different types of radiation in an indoor space. When the product is eliminating the existing radiation in the space, the space may emit another radiation, and the Detector will ring.

Why is the Detector still ringing after the product is opened?
  • Make sure the Detector’s battery is between 8w and 9w, if the Detector’s battery is less than 8w, it will affect the accuracy of the Detector.
  • Static electricity. Static electricity can affect the function of the product, which will indirectly affect the Detector.
In addition to the Detector currently used by Powerlink, are there other Detectors that can confirm that the radiation is eliminated after the product is turned on?

Any Radiation Detector in the market that detects below 1 GHz can detect. However, it is important to note that is Detector of Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR) is not Electro Magnetic Field (EMF). The two are totally different things.

How much radiation will harm the human body?

As long as the high frequency radiation below 1 GHz will directly harm the human body.

The warranty of the product, after 1 year warranty, the product has problems. Is it repairable?

Yes, you can contact the agent sold to you, he will contact the manufacturer.

If there is a mirror near the installed product, will it affect the distance?

If there is a mirror near the placed product, it may or may not be. Because we can’t determine the angle of the placement, the mirror emits refraction or reflection. If it is refraction, it will have a great chance to increase the functional coverage of the product, such as the original 8 meters to 10 meters or even far, such as reflection. It is possible to shorten the coverage of the product.

If there are aluminum doors and windows near the installed product, will it affect the distance?

Yes, the decoder signal from our products can’t pass through the aluminum items. Let’s take a look: In an office, the office door is made of aluminum, and the function of our products may be limited. In the office, are in the coverage, outside the office door, there is no way to cover the function of the product.

The functional coverage of the product is 8 meters. Is it 8 meters on the left and 8 meters on the right?

No, the product coverage distance is 8 meters in diameter.

How far is 8 meters? How many feet?

1 meter is 3.3 foot so 8 meters is 26.4 foot.

How does the product eliminate radiation?

The product emits a decoding signal called Decoder Signal to interrupt the frequency at which the product emits radiation, locking the radiation in the product and preventing the radiation from coming out.

How does the product help blood circulation?

Electromagnetic radiation will cause the red blood cells in the blood vessels to coagulate. The red blood cells after solidification will naturally circulate slowly. After the product is turned on, the radiation is eliminated. The red blood cells are no longer affected by the radiation and will return to the normal blood circulation speed.

Static electricity can affect the distance.

The manufacturer found that static electricity will affect and shorten the coverage of the product from 8 meters to 6 meters. Usually, the product is placed on the desk and the ground. There are computers on the desk, and a lot of Cables, which are the cause of static electricity on the desk. In addition, the product directly touches the ground and is also affected by the static electricity generated by the ground.

Is there any radiation when the phone is lock screen?

Liu Liu (Chief Technician, Occupational Health Center, Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention):
Through experiments, we found that the selected different brands of mobile phones will generate radiation. In the lock screen standby state, the radiation values are not much different, but when the mobile phone is in the on screen standby state, the value has increased. This is because the mobile phone is still in contact with the base station while in the standby state, and there is radiation.

Will the phone radiation increase during charging?

Liu Liu (Chief Technician, Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Occupational Health Center):
The mobile phone in the charging state has a radiation value 1.7 times higher than that in standby. If the phone is connected while charging, the radiation value will be higher. It can be seen that it is better to stay away from the mobile phone while charging. In addition, putting the mobile phone on the bed for a long time is a safety hazard. In recent years, the news of mobile phone explosions is not uncommon. If you put your mobile phone on the bed or even the pillow while sleeping, if there is an accident, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Will the phone radiation increase if the signal is weak?

Ye Yan (Deputy Director/Deputy Chief Physician, Department of Occupational Health, Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention):
The weaker the mobile phone signal, the higher the transmission power is, so that the quality of the call can be guaranteed, and the intensity of electromagnetic radiation is greater. Just as people and people are far away, they must shout loudly to hear clearly. When the mobile phone signal is weak, the radiation will increase more than usual. Through our simulation experiment in the elevator, we found that in the case of weak signal, the radiation intensity of the mobile phone is increased more than usual, and can reach more than 30 times.

Does talking on a headset reduce radiation?

Wu Dan (Chief Physician, Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Occupational Health Center):
We tested four kinds of headphones commonly used in life. The experiment found that using headphones to answer, whether it is wired headphones or Bluetooth headsets, compare with directly answering the phone ,it can significantly reduce cell phone radiation, which is equivalent to the 1/100 to 1/50 level of direct answering.