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Powerlink, an electronic R&D company, has designed a series of innovative products that protect the health of users and help reduce plastic waste. Having been operating in Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan for years, we plan to expand our professionalism to Europe, America, and Japan for their discerning consumers.

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  • No. 11, Jalan Ekoperniagaan 1/20 Taman Ekoperniagaan 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor Malaysia.
Surge Protection that’s Stylishly Modular

Powerlink Modulinks Socket

Introducing the Modulinks Socket, a revolutionary power system that lets you build your own. Choose from various modules to create a socket that perfectly suits your devices, all in a sleek and compact design.
Modulinks Socket

Available Accessory Sockets

Say goodbye to limitations!


Customizable, easy to add or detach sockets
Provides insurance coverage of up to RM20k
Able to withstand electrical current of up to 3200W
Premium material & fire protection
Lightning Protection
Lifetime product repair
Client Testimonial

About Customer Stories

Very safe and useful. Bought it for the 5th time. It's worth spending a bit more to protect home appliances. Plus, the seller's service is excellent. 👍
Catherine Lee
Powerlink Modulink Socket
Quite convenient and customizable. I can arrange the models I need. Great product.
Powerlink Modulink Socket
I order after watching their fireproof video because my old socket caught fire before. So scary, so I'll try this first.
Powerlink Modulink Socket
The extendable and fireproof design of the socket is perfect for my workshop. Recommend!
Brian Lim
Powerlink Modulink Socket
Socket is very user-friendly, easy to use, highly recommend! 
Powerlink Modulink Socket

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Powerlink Modulinks Socket:
● One set contains 4 plugs.
● Each wire is 2 meters long. If you need a longer length, you can purchase an additional 2-meter extension.
● Yes, our modulink socket is SIRIM certified, and we can provide SIRIM reports to customers.
● There is no limit to the number of plugs that can be connected, as long as the total power usage does not exceed 3200W/13A.
● This insurance means that if your appliances are plugged into our modulink socket and are damaged during a lightning strike, you may receive compensation of up to RM20,000 after confirmation by original brand product technical department and Powerlink specialist.
● The lifetime repair warranty does not cover damages caused by human error, such as water damage or physical damage due to dropping. Additional charges may apply if the surface of the cover is burnt.
● The total power usage on the same set of Modulink Socket should not exceed 3200W. There will be no burnt smell, but it is important to ensure that the total power usage of appliances does not exceed the specified limit.
● Yes, we do have individual sale of modulink socket with different functionalities. However, please note that first gang and end gang are required for operation.
● They are only compatible with British standard plugs.
● Yes, it does. If the power usage exceeds 3200W/13A, the fuse will blow and automatically cut off the power.
● Yes, it can.
● Under normal usage conditions, it should last a long time. However, if there are any issues such as power failure or damage from lightning strikes, you can contact us for repair.

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Perfect for home, travel, or the office, keep yourself safe and connected wherever you go. Powerlink seeks to upgrade lives by providing healthier, easier and more convenient solutions to your electronic and technological needs