Rated 3-Star for SME Competitiveness Rating for Enhancement

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SME Competitiveness Rating for Enhancement (by SME Corp) is a system that uses to rate and enhance the competitiveness of SMEs based on their performance and capabilities for the year past. The parameters of the entire review are based upon

  • Business Performance
  • Financial Capability
  • Management Capability
  • Production Capacity
  • Technical Capability
  • Quality System
  • Innovation

Certificate of Achievement

For the year of 2010, our company, Far East Pyramid obtained a 3-star rating, which falls in the category that have these characteristics:-

  • High level of automation
  • Able to implement quality system
  • Undertake product and process improvements
  • Intellectual Property registered
  • Ready for export compliance certificate

Hopefully, we would move up one level this year and obtain a 4-star rating.
Let’s work hard for this new aim!

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